Be aware of scammers and be careful!

Dear Partners,

Criminals and scammers started to create phishing websites, that clone our design and pretend to be our company. They also create fake telegram channels, chats and bots.

Please be careful and always double check URL address in the browser. Be aware that we don't have any channels, chats or bots except this channel.

These are the only our official contacts:

Website address: http://radiantbitcoin.combiz
Telegram channel:
Jan-27-2019 01:08:43 AM
Our Reserve Fund. Why Your Investments Are Safe.

We hope that you are having good time this weekend. Team is working hard even on weekend to bring you profit.

How we created a reserve fund of 156 bitcoins.

We would like you to know everything about our company and how we do business, that's why our management decided to tell you more about us, our reserve fund and how it works. was born on May 3, 2018 as small mining company. Out start capital was around 11 bitcoins. By the beginning of January 2019, 140 highly experienced people are working in LTD, and our company's capital has significantly increased and is equal to 403 bitcoins.

Here, at, we understand the risks of crypto-currencies, because of market'`s high volatility. That's why we decided to create our Main Reserve Fund, in which we deposited more than half our capital (200 bitcoins). All funds are diversified between different crypto-currencies, in order to protect it. We will continue to deposit 10% of our company's profit to the reserve fund at the end of each month and continue increasing it. We understand our responsibility to investors.

Risk Management.

We have several layers of risk management:
1. We trade different crypto-currencies, including alt coins, in order to diversify risks.
2. Our reserve fund is equal to 403 bitcoins and will be increasing every months.

Best Regards, Team.
Jan-26-2019 06:02:31 PM
3% Reinvestment Bonus. Reviews.
Did you know that we pay 3% bonus for each reinvestment from your account balance. The bonus is added to you account balance instantly and you can withdraw it. In order to reinvest you need to go to Make Deposit page, enter amount and select Spend From Account Balance.

Also every our member can post a review about us. We appreciate any feedback! Your opinion and thoughts about our company are extremely important for us. Thanks for all positive reviews that you wrote for us.

You can read all reviews here:

In order to leave review, please log into you account and click on the Review button in the menu. We encourage everyone to leave a review. You can post withdrawal proofs with transaction id, this will help other investors to be more confident.

Have a great day, LTD.
Jan-25-2019 07:31:26 PM
The Reason You Can Trust Our Company. Payment Proof Statistics.

Dear Investors,

Some of you send us emails, asking how you can trust our company. We understand your concerns, because there are a lot of scams nowadays. So we decided to clarify this point.

First of All, LTD is a legal company, registered in the United Kingdom as " LTD". (

You are welcome to visit our main office in London (43 Mc Leod Road, Abbey Wood,
London, UK, SE2 0BS) Mon-Fri 9 am - 8 pm GMT.

Secondly, all our statistics is public. You can see all deposits made by our investors here:
And the link for payment proofs (withdrawal stats) is
All information is updated in real time and you can track your deposits and withdrawals there.

Also you check our About Us page to find out more about our Team.

Finally, we are happy to announce that there are already almost 4000 registered partners. And for the past 4 days our company has received more than 54 bitcoins of deposits and have paid out more than 3 bitcoins of profit to our investors.

We appreciate every investor and your trust in our company. You as our partner are our company's main asset and we are working hard to make you happy and wealthy.

Have a great day, Team.
Jan-24-2019 03:59:29 PM
How To Earn More With Our Affiliate Program

Dear partners,

Today is the third day of our investment campaign and we already have almost 2,000 members. Your trust is our main asset and we will do our best to make you wealthy.
At LTD, we believe that there is no better advertisement than satisfied clients. No wonder that majority of our new clients are affiliates from our existing clients. We are proud that our clients like to recommend our financial service to others.

Don't loose additional opportunity to earn even more with our affiliate program. LTD has a lucrative affiliate commission structure. Every member can enjtoy the benefit of 2 level commission without any active deposit and earn money easily (Level 1 - 5% Level 2 - 1%). You don't need active deposit in order to earn with affiliate program!
Present our project to your friends, family, or any other community, advertise & promote it everywhere and enjoy the financial benefits. You don't even need an active deposit to receive affiliate commission.

You can find your referral link and banners in your account.

Also don't forget to subscribe to our social networks:

Best Regards, Team.
Jan-23-2019 04:53:30 PM
First Withdrawals. Fixed Rates. BitBounce
Dear Partners!

We have important updates for you.

1. First profit withdrawals
Today our first investors received their first profit. We highly appreciate your trust in LTD, because we do understand how many scams are online nowadays. Our company and our team will do all we can to bring profit to you. You can check our Payment Proof page for real time statistics.

2. Fixed rates.

* All deposits and withdrawals in Perfect Money and Payeer are made at a fixed exchange rate 1 BTC = 5000 USD.
* All deposits and withdrawals in Litecoin are made at a fixed exchange rate 1 LTC = 0.01 BTC.
* All deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin Cash are made at a fixed exchange rate 1 BCH = 0.05 BTC.
* All deposits and withdrawals in Ethereum are made at a fixed exchange rate 1 ETH = 0.05 BTC.
* All deposits and withdrawals in Dogecoin are made at a fixed exchange rate 1 DOGE = 0.0000008 BTC.
* All deposits and withdrawals in Dash are made at a fixed exchange rate 1 DASH = 0.04 BTC.

Our company has a fixed exchange rates for deposits. It is done to protect you from volatility on cryptocurrency market. This means that you will always receive your profit and will not depend on the market price. For instance, if you make a deposit of 1 LTC in “10% Daily Forever”, you will get exactly 0.1 LTC every day and will not be dependent on it’s market price. With our fixed rate you don’t need to worry about rapid changes of cryptocurrency value on the market. You will receive exactly as much Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) as you should receive depending on the deposit interest rate.

3. BitBounce

We noticed that some of our partners use email filtering service that is blocking our emails and asking us to pay money to deliver mail to you. Sorry, but we believe that sending e-mail should always be free. So if you are using this service, please consider adding us to whitelist otherwise you won't be able to receive any emails from us.
Jan-22-2019 03:03:31 PM LTD online today!
The start of the LTD investment program is successfully performed. It is glad to announce that LTD is now open to the public now! LTD is an international commercial organization, it was created for the purpose of providing its members with the safest and most secure investment, with the best possible and achievable returns at minimum risk. There are no unrealistic promises presented here, just steady and consistent result. All investors from the worldwide are welcome to open an account and make investment. We accepts e-currencies below for now: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, DASH and Dogecoin.
Join us and enjoy our professional capital management! Watch for updates of news and welcome to the LTD!
Best regards, LTD
Jan-21-2019 08:41:46 AM